How to create your own Textures?

I do not know how to make my own Textures and neither have I been able to get any info on anything. How do you more experienced Artists manage to make your own?

All my models, from houses, furniture, animals, characters, rocks, trees and whatnot either have nothing on them, or they were just painted with Flat colors from Texture Painting and then doing my very best with the Node system to try and make them look good. But I’m absolutely fed up on just looking at these models like this.

I know how to Unwrap and how to use UVs in Photoshop, I simply possess no textures and have no way of knowing on how to make them. So what’s your secret really? Do you draw them in Photoshop? Do you take a Photo with your cellphone and just paste it in? At this point I’m even willing to pay for the damn info. Any tutorials, guides, anything. Anything that might help me with this would be amazing!

For natural, not hand-painted textures, you could try Episcura, which has Gbs of free textures. For hand-painted… you know unwrapping and, hopefully, you can paint.

This is a veeeeeeery broad subject. I hope someone can shed some more light on it.

Thanks for the answers. I’ll be honest, I never paid much attention to the Procedural textures in Blender. But for example:

One of my models I finished not too long ago is a Horse that I even wanted to test in Unity, and right now It’s just has a flat color on him and Hair Particles to mimic the fur on the Tail and Mane. How would I go about making my own horse texture for the rest of the body? Would i have to go to a real horse, take a photos of he’s body and then come back and apply them to the model?

And btw, thanks for that link Ovnuniarchos. I’m always fearful of using other people stuff specially when I one day decide to work by Commissions or something, so I’m always reluctant to grab those.

You could - here is a specific example of just such a thing - on a horse no less :smiley:

If you don’t need it to look quite so realistic - you could try hand painting the patterns onto the horse:

That first video I had already seen, but then it leaves those ugly texture issues one the top of the model.

On that second video, I think it might be a good idea to get that Drawing tablet sooner then I thought, for me to pull something off like that, if I even can there is. That seems to demand some good coloring skills.

Another question, what if I get a real life photo of the horse’s skin, make it seamless, and then try painting on the model using the Stencial tool(I believe that’s how it’s called)?

  1. there are many free textures on internet. Artists give them away to advertise their names or just to practice.

  2. mix several simple textures in materials to create new look.

  3. use other programs (substance designer, 3d coat, photoshop, mindtex…)
    For example in photoshop, create any simple lines or patterns, then adjust filters randomly. It works for rough surface textures.

  4. I like texture painting in blender. Stencil mode can create good rusted surface.

  5. and there are many other ways but I’m still learning.