How to customize this?

I want to customize this but i don’t know how. I want to add, remove and rename some things.

RMB on the Mesh menu and select Edit Source. Open the script in a blender text window and edit the appropriate section for these menus, then save the updated python file

For example the section for the Edges tools menu looks like:

Not sure why you want to change them,you’re going to have a hard time following any tutorials or when looking for unfamiliar tools.

I dont want to do that. This is my problem. I model for video games and are some tool than are used often. For example, i’m focused in my work when i detect an edge loop than isn’t needed, because the texture make it looks good.

But here is where it turns uncomfortable, because edge loop is in the 11th position. When i want to delete vertices just press x+1, for edges x+2, for faces x+3. But if is in the 11th position or higher i need to press directly the tool.
I want to re-order this because i need acces faster to delete>edge loop, edge>edge ring, face>rotate edge CW, etc. All these tools are used often. And there are other things uncomfortable too but i believe you understand the point.

I don’t want to change the bars, i want to change the order of the tools when i press x, ctrl+e/f/v and w.

You should probably think about giving items their own key shortcut if it affects your workflow that much. Rightclick on the edge loop in the delete popup and select add shortcut. Pick something that’s not being used already. which is a bit difficult but ctrl alt combos are still faster than menu navigation. Moving things in the menu order is more work for less return IMO.

This is what i want to do.

All right then.

Now than i’m more involved with python, I supposed than i should look for this bl_label = “Specials”. Then I used ‘‘Agent Ransack’’ to search the .py files content.

After explore the files i found than the file than content the viewport menus is this Blender Foundation\Blender\2.69\scripts\startup\bl_ui/space_view3d

And now than i know the file’s location i can open it with the blender text editor and start to script. Now i will add too the option ‘‘Edit Source’’ to the viewport menus.

This thread is SOLVED. But i think it should be moved to the section ‘‘Python Support’’, and change the title to ‘‘How to customize the viewport menus?’’