How to Cut and split Plane

I want to subdivide a plane in 6 pieces and then cut and split the subdivision as separate and individual planes (without being linked to eachother). Just like in the image. Easy way to do this?


Numerous ways
Do you want each plane to be a separate object or just one single object.
For separate objects this is one way
If you want just one object you could just join them back together again.

Subdivide, select half of the faces vertically, hit Y and G .1 on axis you need. Repeat with upper and lower faces.
That will still be one object.

And the third way… With a pretty picture. :wink:

Go to Edge Mode, select the 3 loop cuts. Press [V] to rip. Right-click to cancel any movement. Then, if you want evenly spaced faces, go to Face Mode. Select all the faces, set the pivot center to Individual Centers and scale down.