How to cut this object?

Hi friends…

Here is my question:
What is the best way in your opinion to cut out the yellow shape of of my object?

I was trying to create a mesh somewhat close to the shape of the cut out and using the boolean tool but it got really confusing because i didn’t know how to create a shape that looks exactly like this from top view and side view…

Any opinions? :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

That is one seriously high density mesh!
Realsitically, I’d go into wireframe view, use a loop to select, (ctrl+rmb drag assuming LMB select). Then just manually select evertyhing to the edge line I wanted.


Enter wireframe mode and use lasso tool for the selection. Hit P and choose -> Seperate by selection

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thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:

so i tried the lasso tool… the thing is that it is not going to give me clean edges… i get much clean edges with Boolean tool though! what do you think?