How to deal with something like this?

Hello. I need to model something like this,

i need geometry, not texture. maybe do You have any idea? Thanks.

You can use a particle system to generate all the desiccated coconut.

Go to the particle properties tab and add a new particle system for the mesh underneath.

I will not go through the entire process as there is a somewhat lengthy process involved, however it is quite easy to do. I recommend looking at existing tutorials for particle systems. The same particle system process works for making rocks, grass, etc. so you may want to watch some for that too.

Here is a tutorial that may help you:
While it is for grass, the same process applies. Just make a sphere instead of the ground, and model coconut rather than grass.

Thanks. But besides particles ? :slight_smile:

Particles is the way to go.
Is there a reason why you dont want to use them?

Its gonna generate a lot of geometry. I was thinking about more procedural way like subd - displace - decimate

Oh sure, that would work as well. I would even prefer procedurally via displacement. I just assumed you didn’t want that because you said you didn’t want textures.
I would try with procedural textures and micro displacement, perhaps even vector displacement.

Looks like something you could do with a couple of voronoi textures.