How to decimate keyframes?

I’ve been using the ‘live record’ feature where I let the animation roll (ALT-A KEY) and animate with the mouse while it’s running, with auto keyframe insert on, this lets me animate things like a shaky camera, for example, in realtime. It does make a lot of keyframes, one per frame for whatever you’re animating.

Is there an easy way to ‘decimate’ keyframes: take a selected range of keyframes in the dopesheet editor, and delete every one except on 1,8,16,24…etc? (or some selectable interval) It’s possible by hand, but it can get pretty monotonous after the first couple hours :wink:

There is an AddOn called ‘Simplify Curves’. It is not enabled by default, so go under File/User Preferences/AddOns and type ‘simplify’ in the search box to activate it.
After that close User Preferences and press Space Bar with your mouse in the 3D viewport. Once again type ‘simplify’ and it should appear in the list if you have successfully activated the AddOn. Press the T-Key to bring up the Tools panel, the error control appears in that panel. Inside the Graph Editor you can see the f-curves being decimated as you increase the error value.

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Ah! nice one, that does the trick quite nicely, thanks :wink: