How to deform these faces?

Just looking to deform each face as tho the material was cloth and wind was blowing in on each face, curving it uniformly into the middle of each face.

Firstly, you need more verts… some to remain still, some to blow in the wind. W - subdivide twice.

Now, you need a vertex group with your still verts in… Easiest to use CRTL+Shift right click to select the edge loops with your statioary verts in, then add them to a vertex group (edit mode)

That would be a setup for cloth sim, but that would be much harder to set up and debug… you’d be better off pressing ctrl+i to invert selection (edit mode - vertexs selected)

Lastly, set up a displacement mod using the second vertex group and a clouds texture set to an object (an empty)… you can now animate teh empty position to create ripples in the cloth.

Thanks, that got me on the right track, was able to select the inner vertices of each face and use the push/pull command in the transform tab to move them slightly inward which was the effect I was going for.

Ran into this little problem, it looks great in edit mode but in object mode I get this sci fi looking thing, any idea why it’s doing that?