how to delete a color????

Hello,its very basic,but i can,t faind answer.
How to delete a color??or all colors even.
I try to model something and after I play several times with colors,now I have 25 colors…I don,t need so many colors.I don,t know how to delete those colors.There are no option for that.I can only add new color, rename old one,or change its setup,but how to delete it??? thanks

if for colors you mean materials, you have to click in the X button in the materials list.

yes color I mean material :wink: sorry. where is material list?? this simple one that I open with cursor when I change a material??I try click x,but nothing happens …:frowning:

Ok,I think you mean I want just to delete this material from de object(also) … I want to delete this material from this small material list that open when click on ¨¨browse ID data¨¨ button,left to the material …

Only one way I see,is open new blender file,delete default cube,and append all you need from old file(first delete there materials you dont like from all objects and save it). Yes ,after I do this, old materials follow me mor.But this is sh…t way :frowning:

For 2.56: Hold SHIFT when clicking on the X, then save and reload the blend, it will be removed from the list. You will also see this on the tooltip if you hover your mouse over the X icon.

Yes!!!this is correct answer,thnks !!