How to delete a thread on blenderartists

I’m looking for a way to delete a thread on here, but there’s no option to!
I looked in the FAQ and it said you can delete one, but I looked and there is nothing.
Any comments appreciated.
I couldn’t find any other place to put this, so forgive me if it’s in the wrong place.

Only the admins and possibly the moderators can do that. If you really need it deleted (why delete it) just ask them.
You can report a thread by clicking on the small triangle at the bottom left of each post.

you cna alsay go back in edit mode and erase what’s inside each post one by one
so posts will be empty but the thread can only be erased byt admins or moderator
and again i think it will be only flag as being erase
cause i think there is also a questions of legal matter here they cannot erase anything only flag as being erase or deleted ornot shown!
this isl ike saying you could in a company erase from you email account certain messages but there is always a copy on backup somewhere else which can be recovered later on if needed!

in other words be carefull what you write cause i t may come back to hunt you for a long time!

mind you as i said you can always correct it in edit mode!

happy 2.5