How to delete and merge animation

Importing from animation from mixamo website. A keyframe i want to delete. The keyframe has miss pose. So i want to delete the keyframe (188) and i want to move or merge the rest of the animation on that place so that the keyframe is not blank and animation work smooth. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

Has anyone replied? I have been struggling with the same issue
for my animations.

Hi, i have done this on another App, i can try and fix it for you in blender if you can share the file.

If I run into it, I would like to know too.

You can easily do that with the dope sheet. Change graph editor for a dope sheet. At the top if the arrow icon is not activated you ll act on all the objects in the scene. On top of the dopsheet is the raw representing all the objects keyframes. Just select the one on frame 188 and press delete. All the bone keys ll be deleted. The animation in between ll be interpolated for all the bones in between 187 and 189 automatically. If you want to tweak the interpolation you can select dot 187 and 189 and press V key.

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