How to delete hair particles?

I’ve created a grass field with this vague but short tutorial I want to have a object lying in the grass but when i try to delete it in particle edit mode, the particle gets “deleted” but my the objects stay there. I think this has to do with the child interpolation mode but i’m not sure. How can i delete these particles. (I tried converting them to real objects but this gives me alot less performance.)

lock at 2. at first… :slight_smile:

  1. maybe set the child particles to interpolated. create uv map for the emitting hair geometry. create a new image at your particles settings > texture> new. than click on the very right button. click on image> new and name it cut for example. turn teh color to pure white. Create a new material for your emitting geometry. Link the image texture “cut” to the color input of the diffuse node. That way you will see that texture in viewport (when you are in texture or material viewport mode). Paint everything black where the hair should be not be (texture paint mode in 3d view). Under “Influence” (texture tab) for that particle texture uncheck time and check density.

  2. Another way… and much faster…if your grass field is realy large… you could create a hair emitting geometry without any polygons under the object.

Yeah piet’s option would work to correct that.