How to delete inner cavities of a "MakeHuman" head?


Through the great help of this forum I have made much progress in creating characters with “MakeHuman” and Blender.
Now I still have a problem: MakeHuman creates cavities in the head for teeth/tongue and the eyes.

When 3D printing this causes problems. How can I remove these internal parts. I have no idea how to select these internal cavities at all.

Then I want to close the holes (mouth/eyes) to get a watertight 3D model.

Surely no problem for the specialists here.
I tried to upload a blender file, but it is too big…

Thanks for your help

If your end goal is to 3D print, the quickest and simplest way to get everything airtight (without having to worry about the inner cavity) is to simply remesh it, using either the Remesh modifier, or the Voxel Remesher in Sculpt Mode.

All you have to do is make sure that there aren’t any “holes” in the model. So around the lips, make sure that area is tight where the lips meet, and also check the eye sockets.

But if you still want to delete the inner cavity, then you should be able to just select one of the edge loops around the lip where it connects, delete that, or use the rip function (V), and then select the inner cavity with L, and delete it. All you’ll have to do then is select the open edge around the lips, and use F or ALT F to fill it.

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Select edge loops in the eyelids and the eyeballs and use Bridge Edge loops. Same with the lips.
Grid Fill the ears and nostrils.

Then you can select all the interior with…
Select Menu > Select All by Trait > Interior Faces.
And delete it.

So make it manifold / watertight first - then it is easy to select the unwanted interior faces.

personally, I like to just select a loop of faces, with alt+click or ctrl+click then press H to hide that, and then I use shift+L to select the now “separated faces” delete all those, alt+h to unhide, then I can fill in from the new edge to make it manifold.

I am once again totally surprised by the community here.
Super fast answers, clear and precise, straight to the point.

I will test which method suits me best.

Thanks again to all: You are great

I have now tested all methods. All of them work. I don’t want to pick a winner here. Because each method has its advantages and disadvantages. More importantly, I have learned new tools with each method.

Now I can access some new tools in my toolbox.

Thanks again

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