How to Delete/Remove a KeyFrame?

I can insert keyframes into an animation but how to remove/deleting them is something I just can’t find anywhere.

Can anyone help me out here?

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go into the action editor by clicking the button at the far left on the header. Then select the keyframe by right clicking and press [delete]

If it’s not an Action, just IPO’s, then hit K in the IPO window, RMB-Select the Keyframe and X to delete.


Thanks for the answers !

What if I need to do so for all selected objects? I just can’t figure out how to do it without selecting them one by one :frowning:

Hey then in the action editor, instead of just right clicking one, you can press B and click and drag the box over the parts that you want to delete. After you let go, you can press delete to kill all of the selected items at once.

i dont know what im doing wrong. i have the ipo window open and it shows the curves. i have two objects. i select each object in the 3d window then got to the ipo window and put a box around the keyframes. when i hit delete and click ok nothing gets deleted.

Just press Alt+I

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10 years layer, way to go @pbibby :joy: