How to determine model resolution?

What is the unit of measurement for a model in Blender?

Similar to how we might say that an image is 1000 x 1000 pixels.

What is the unit of measurement for a 3d model and where can we view this information in Blender?

Press N to show the properties panel. At the top you will see the dimensions of the currently selected object.
By default these are dimensions in blender units (BU). These are unitless and can be equivalent to anything you wish (1 BU = 1mm or 1cm, or 1m or 1 house brick or 1 lightyear etc). If you want to use metric or imperial measurements you can chose which in the scene settings. For some instances such as physics simulation 1BU is taken to be 1m

Thank you Richard. I will explore the properties panel.

Not sure what you’re after, but another relevant reference parameter might also be the polygon count. Depending on the number of polygons a model consists of it is referred to as a “high poly” or a “low poly” model, which could be seen as a kind of vague analogy to “high res” and “low res” images.

I’m interested in learning about the scale of models as one of my goals is to design a series of models and then populate a scene with them. Being able to measure and reference object size against each other will allow for easier scene calibration.