How to disable Combined render passes?

I am trying speed my render rendering the image in passes.
Blender version 3.3.4
I am measuring time in each render passes to see the differences. But right from the start I realized that Blender is rendering all passes even if I disable “combined”.

Here is a sample:
I want spend time rendering only the color passe bellow.

But Blender is rendering also other passes (see bellow):

I disabled the “combined” button but nothing changed.

Please, can anyone explain how to only spend time rendering in only one selected passes and not in the full scene?

Cycles will always render everything. If you just want a color pass plug emission in to the output and render at 8-16 samples for AA

Thanks. The color pass is only a example.
Then Blender don’t have this feature (render separated passes) :disappointed_relieved:.
Do you know what the button “Combined” do?

To my knowledge it just exposes the combined pass to the compositor, I dont think disabling it gives you any sort of optimization.

Ok, thanks. But this button doesn’t change anything in my tests, and the combined pass is always present in the compositor.
Thank you for the explanation. I will try change the samples for speed the render and forget the passes.

Yeah, guess that’s an oversight on blenders part, looks like disabling Combined does literally nothing

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So far as I am aware, you always get “combined.”