How to disable output of _pycache_ ?

How to disable the output of an addon’s pycache?

• Turn it off for all of Blender addons in user prefs folder

• Small script or command to put in an individual addon script itself that will disable that particular script from output of pycache

• Some way of disabling Blender from reading pycache

Any one of these methods would be fine (or something else if there’s no other way or I haven’t thought of it). I just need to do this temporarily while testing some things. Can anyone help? Thanks.

It shouldn’t be necessary, cached scripts are automatically invalidated when the source files change. If you experience some sort of caching issues, I doubt they are caused by CPython’s caching. It is more likely something Blender-specific, especially if you test modal operators. I remember a couple issues with module loading and modal ops, which F8 can’t fix. A restart of Blender is the only solution is those cases.