how to disable, remove this "thing" in the viewport ?

This thing becomes an annoyance to me
and I like to disable its functionality entirely
make it invisible, disable mouse click etc

how ?

This thing becomes an annoyance to me
Oh Dear. Why not just ignore it ?

and I like to disable its functionality entirely
Why ? It’s very useful. There are numerous threads discussing pros/cons of the 3d curser if you care to find out what it is used for.

make it invisible, disable mouse click etc
You can’t hide it in the normal view (I think there was some addon that did so for some version of blender). Chnaging the Display to ‘Only Render’ will hide it. Just change its positioning shortcut from LMB in User Preferences / Input to some other less likely to use shortcut

Can you also use the appropriate support forums for support questions, rather than the Blender Discussion forum

Instead of hiding it, learn how to use it. Especially useful for snapping things to locations.

Richard is spot on. The 3D cursor is one of the most important tools in Blender. Give it some time, you’ll find how to use it in your workflow.

oh’ mean. i Can’t work without this. And u want to delate it Oo

OK, I managed to change the input shortcut.
Now, I need to set the opacity to zero… IF I CAN FIND IT

The fact of the matter is, the OP doesn’t even know it’s called 3D-Cursor.
Time he needs, its value learn he will.

if you tried to add a monkey without the 3D cursor, it could wind up in outer space, like ham the space monkey.

I’m doing this as a hobby.
I’m not a professional
No idea that it is called a 3d cursor…
I just want to get rid of it

I have to agree with arexma, but not just because my avatar.

some people don’t like the 3D cursor…

oh wow, awesome … LOL

The force is strong in this Blender

The guy in the background, is that the guy who designed that 3D cursor?

I used to have the same problem until I realized that the shortcut to hide the 3D cursor was Ctrl Q.

Hahhahaha DruBan.

For real though, you can’t just get rid of the 3D cursor. It controls pretty much every important operation you’d want in Blender including adding objects, exact tweaks and rotations, origins for some modifiers, depth for grease pencil, and many other operations. Learn to use it, it’s one of the things that makes Blender such a powerful tool.

Not sure why you would want to delete one of the most important and useful ‘tool’ in blender.

So what? You still have to learn how to use the program. This is like asking to get rid of the typing cursor in a word processor. If you actually succeeded at that, you’d wonder why you suddenly can’t type anything properly.

Learn what the 3D cursor is for. Learn how to use it. If you just want to delete every part of the program you don’t understand, what’s the point of your hobby?

With time , you’ll learn to appreciate the 3D cursor and its applications in several tools, up to the point you would wish there were more of them


Some examples of its use

If you absolutely must be rid of the 3D cursor–which actually is necessary in certain circumstances–I have found that clicking on the following button will remove the 3D cursor from the Open GL display.

Please be aware that the 3D cursor, as everyone has pointed out, is a very valuable tool. It’s where any new mesh object you add will be positioned when you add it. It’s also useful when you wish to spin-duplicate a bunch of objects around a central point. If you’re having problems with the cursor staying where you want it, you can push SHIFT-S, and snap the cursor to the center of the scene or along the nearest grid point or to the center of a certain selected object.