How to display collision shape on viewport on 2.80? [SOLVED]

I remember being able to do it on 2.79, but I can’t find it on 2.80.

I can’t see it in Object > Visibility, Physics > Rigidbody or Viewport overlays.
I believe it used to be on the Object tab.

For me it’s visible by default :


Keep in mind that you cannot see it if it’s the same shape than the mesh (i.e. box for a cube, convex hull for a sphere, etc…)

See you :slight_smile: ++

0k, just figured it out, I couldn’t find the Object > Viewport display becouse I’m using Armory3D and it was lower in the properties pannel than I expected.
What I really wanted to do is to set the object to display as bounds and set the bounds to the appropiate type (capsule in this case)
Thanks for your answer anyway.