How to do bake color map?

I have a 3D door with some pattern
I can do the normal map for it

but when I try to bake the color or diffuse map unto a plane I don’t get anything in color
so is there some trick here to get it working ?
I get a black image !

thanks for feedback
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Could you describe your steps or share .blend file?
Also check this addon:

here is set up

z-door-nor1.blend (2.0 MB)

I added the blank image for plane
I did a nice NOR map like that but color no way up to now!

I selected high res then low res and bake it and get just a black image

continue tomorrow - getting late here

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You should disable selected to active (no need for that when baking color/diffuse):

your not using same version I have !

in edit mode I did the color diffuse baking and I still get a blue render
not a color one
what else should I do ?

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The version doesn’t matter much.
You might be baking plane by mistake (which has a blue diffuse color).

Here is a gif how to bake color and normal (I forgot to add other material but you’ll just add same image texture node to it, select same color texture and then hit bake):

you seem to be doing it in object mode not edit mode!

will test again in object mode

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only way i can get it to work is in edit mode
otherwise get error no active image

here is first time result in 2.79 C

not same bake then yours !
almost look like a nor map instead of color map and this was diffuse

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I have the door and the plane
so you add black image on plane
or you need to add black image on each material of the door too ?

when you do it do you select door then plane then bake diffuse ?

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The reason you get this error is that you didn’t select image texture node in node editor.

Only for normal map baking, yes.

You want the colors of door, right? So, plane object is not involved in this.

  1. Just select your door (object or edit mode doesn’t matter)
  2. Create an image
  3. Create an image texture node for both materials in your door and choose the image you created. (Don’t forget to select image texture node by left clicking!)
  4. Hit Bake diffuse. Done!

If you still don’t get the desired result. Download the latest Blender builds and try again:

when you create image for each material
do you need to make a new image for each material or use same image then the first material ?

I never done this color diffuse one
cause I don’t do BGE game texturing

but in this project I have a big scene
with let say around 50 doors like that
and that creates like 500 000 verts
so may be i can save some verts using some color UV map and NOR map

I hope

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Use same image. So all your materials color bakes into one image to the corresponding UV tiles.

Have you considered instancing the doors (left and right open) instead? When angles get as pronounced as this with high amount of screen realestate, especially of the materials have lots of glossy and low roughness, you should always consider doing it with geometry (Cycles). Using normal maps you can at close to glancing angles produce black responses from glossy, whereas with geometry it would get properly masked.

If doing overview shots only, then those black/darkened spots would be insignificant and I probably wouldn’t care. But for shots with door being big part of image, I’d do geometry based at least for grand angles. The door shown doesn’t appear to have 10000 verts, unless you plan to add lots of ornaments to it later.

I never have to do detailed “door works” in my projects so my doors tend to be vert friendly, and they’re also not the focus of what we do. But I still use instance groups to create them on a bigger office space.

I did not include handles and the hinges
but each door with hardware has been reduce to around 8000 verts

an di go like 20 containers with 2 doors on each end
and may be up to 4 doors on the side
so that is a total of 6 doors on many containers

I might try to reduce the verts count on the handles even more

got it working now
have to see why there is now some color bleeding on door!