How to do physics?

I want to play a bit around with the bullet stuff added to Blender since I work outside with it too. I wanted to make something simple as a tessellated cube I want to drop on Suzanne to see how the code works. But it’s a thing of the impossible. I switched on soft body in the physics panel and set Suzanne as a collider but when trying to run the animation the cube just wobbles a bit in place and nothing happens. Although gravity of G is set up for the cube it doesn’t move an inch. I also tried setting soft body in the game engine actor area ( why should this even interest me? I’m not using the BGE ! ) as I found this mentioned somewhere in a tutorial but it still doesn’t move. I also tried out the demo blend file at but it does nothing but rotating the camera, no physics. Has this been gloriously and totally been broken since that release? How on earth is one supposed to enable physics? I like blender a lot and the UI doesn’t annoy me but this physics options are a huge mess littered all over the place making no sense.

feel the power of the great Bullet Physics engine in three mouse clicks and seconds
Open latest Blender ( 2.49) with the default scene ( cube)
Camera view ( NumPAd 0)
Logic Buttons ( F4)
Click over the “Static” button ( far left) and choose “Rigid Body”
Now press the magic P key and the cube will fall

Soft Body Magic:
Default scene
Make a copy of the cube and place it below a little
Select the top one, enter Edit mode and “subdivide” three or four times, W key.
Then in the “Static” button choose “Soft Body”
Press P again and watch the result!

Thanks for the post. Tried it but it doesn’t work. Doesn’t move and wobbling as mentioned above. ( More precisely pressing P it tells me BGE is not working or something like that… which is correct since I don’t use BGE as mentioned above ).

You cannot access the bullet physics unless in the game engine ( as far as I know) but there is a way to record the physics, motion, ect to IPOs. Although you can use the cloth simulator instead of softbodies.

Okay, I set up an example file using the record to IPO under Game, on the toolbar(up top, the name is evading me)

The example scene has Suzanne, and a cube above, the cube will drop onto Suzanne. You will need to press P when you open it (to record the physics) then you can just watch it using the standered alt + A.

BTW it looks fast because it is recording.


Physics.blend (265 KB)

As mentioned the PKEY does not work since there is no BGE. I got though something working by accident. I disabled on the physics panel the goal button. This seems to make the cube moving downwards and tumble down using the soft body instead of hanging wobbling in the air.

I am confused, are you using 2.50?

The demo I posted and the intrutions OTO posted both work. The wiki page you linked was for blender 2.40, and the current stable release is 2.49. Physics only work in the game engine, but you cant record the physics to use out side of the engine.

You can use Softbody fine outside the game engine.

And yes, the wobbling is caused by the Goal. Uncheck it to give your object no goal :slight_smile: