How to do this in VooDoo...

Hi, I’m trying to get a 3d element from blender to match the shaky camera movement in a short vfx shot I’m working on.

Basically, the camera swings around quickly to look at some monster that has just crawled in through a doorway. The footage is (as you might guess) incredibly blurred when I first swing around to look at ‘it’, but after that, it is quite manageable (and can be automatically tracked).

I was wondering how I could automatically track the non blurry portion of the footage, then go back and manually add feature points to the blurred section. Whenever I’ve tried it before, I’ve looked in the 3d preview in voodoo, and the camera is still for all the manually added points, then as soon as the auto tracked stuff start, the camera starts moving; like it’s completely ignoring what I just spent the past 15 minutes doing!

Is there anyone who has figured out how to do this in that screwy program???

Does anybody know how to add manual fpoints to shaky footage while keeping the automatically generated fpoints?

Whenever I try, it igores the manual fpoints.

You’re probably better asking in the Voodoo forums…

Sorry I can’t help!