How to download and install UPBGE

Hi, #BlenderDude here!

I want to download and install the UPBGE, but don’t really now how. If anybody can help please reply!

Thanks, #BlenderDude.

Download from
Install and run just like normal blender

No, download from the website. The current version is upbge 0.9.

Their website looks down to me at the moment. You can also use this google drive folder to download:

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Thank you for all the replies!

Yeah the website is down, but you could go to the irc too.

What’s irc?, channel: upbgecoders

The IRC channel is for us (the team) to discuss development-related stuff and for you (the user) to ask questions. We don’t use the IRC channel as a “support” channel neither as a “request” channel. The site is down but will be up soon. We will appreciate if you wait a bit :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that. Thank you.