How to draw Sago

I made this in depth tutorial for all the guys who want to get revenge on sago but may not have the art background.

What was the reason for sketching in the earphone thingies first? :slight_smile:

I guess because they have nice opposition and symetry, so it makes blocking in the rest a bit easier. No particular order is necessary though, just whatever works for you.

sigh… you forgot the silly glasses

crap i knew i left something out.
(edit) fixed.

I like Sago’s better. The first one reminds me of Dick Dasterdly. That’s the thing about Sago’s work. It isn’t derivative but completely original and great quality. He’s a true artist.

In order to get back at him, someone will need to develop the talent to not only pick out his character traits but also iconify those so the character is easily recognised as Sago.

Sago doesn’t come across to me as a mad scientist type. I think the baby that Sago came up with was really good. Something like that is needed.

I thought modrons version came pretty close, despite the Dame Edna glasses and the manly chin I don’t have.

hey osX, this is about fun, not competition, not comments and crits, and not to impress you.