How to draw...

I am terrible at explaining so bear with me,

Is there an easy way to draw a 2d figure for say a car decal, without using beizer curves? Because you cannot (or at least I don’t know how) to make a beizer curve object bend and twist to fit an object, or if I convert it to a mesh, it’s vertices are awkward and it is extremely difficult to get the shape I am achieving.

Is there a line tool or somthing? I have tried converting mesh objects but it always looks funny in the render. (odd shadows usually)


um uv mapping? i think…

No, there is not a line tool. Right now using curves is your best option. There is a path import script. You could take a line drawing in GIMP, select it, convert selection to path, export the path, then import the path into Blender. But I cant seem to get it to work, nor can I find anything in the forums about it.

why not use regular mesh with subsurf on?

Yeah, why not just try a UV map?

Can’t you use an actual decal? It’s been quite a while since I’ve used Blender, but I think you can add a texture to the material of the object you want to put the decal on, then in the mapping for that texture, select “Object” and type the object’s name in the field next to it. Usually, this object is an Empty that you can now use to position the decal on the mesh.

I hope that explanation helped…

Well thank you all for your replies, but I have managed to use the beizer curves to get the image I want (with extreme tolerance and resisting to set fire to certain objects). I will use your ideas for future projects, though.

if it involves text just add text then convert to mesh for any change you want to add…

Does this help?