How to driver delay not linear, but rather stroboscopic alike (stair shape))

I’m creating an emulation, which happens like in real world quite fast.
A object moves at 0.26m/s (and is quite small also).
For that i use : (frame/30)*0.26+0.5

What i like to do is slow it down but in such a way that above formula only updates ever 5 frames.
But in a shocks, not as in a constant linear movements, i’d like to freeze time 5 frames for this object only.

I dont know how to create this ‘stroboscopic’ movement, any ideas ?.
In a time graph on x position it would look like a stair such movement.

Or maybe you can help what are the allowd math /rounding keywords for drivers (whats functions are avaliable ?)

You can add modifiers to drivers(drivers panel) or if you don’t find what you need, you can always create your own curve.

Found it :