How to edit a soft body

I want to edit a soft body i have created, (cloth).
after creating the cloth, i want to make it still so
i can edit its vertices and turn it into a still object.
is there any way to put the soft body into an IPO
or save its properties so i can edit its vertices.
Please help

Baking maybe?

you have to simulate again each time you edit the vertices. i guess what you want is to edit the design of the clothe, and check it with the modifier “on” from time to time.

The real problem is, when i press tab to edit the soft body, i cant edit the “baked” properties, only the original mesh. i want to edit it as a soft body, in its animated form, but tab changes it back to its original shape.

go to the frame you want the still from… then aply the cloth modifier

cheers think i got what i want,
so helpful.
got another question bein posted, on “scripts - leaves” if u can help, ty