How to edit Baked Sound to F curves?

Im syncing mouth motion using shape keys and Bake Sound to F curves, everything works well but sometimes mouth during faster lines does not close, is there a way to edit Baked Sound curves so I can make fully closed mouth frames?

Sorry - the answer is no - you cannot edit a Baked F-curve. The only way out is to edit the sound file to move the amplitude of the sound down quicker, if you see what I mean. Basically if you are baking a sound to an F-Curve, the sound file is the only thing you can edit.

The other option that might help is to bake the sound to an Empty then use a driver to control the mouth shapekey(s) - that way you can put some modifiers in place to manipulate the setup. It is difficult either way, but editing the sound file is the only way I found to get exactly what I wanted.

Cheers, Clock.

Thank you for reply, I will try the first option with sound edit.

there are a couple of scripts you can try, here’s an old one: