how to edit multiple meshes by changing the original

By pressing UKEY on a mesh and then materiales/texture , I can choose to control the material and texture of all the copies made of the mesh. But howto control their size/shape and changes done to the original mesh in edit mode? I would appreciate very much that that would be possible as well, but I cant find the proper keys…
Im building a tile roof with 100 pieces of tile so it would be very nice to mend not only the material but also the shape by changing the original mesh…

well, an option will be to duplicate instanced the original mesh by pressing ALT + D, then drag. From that moment, any mesh editings will affect the clones.

Edit: Didn’t see kmikze’s answer when starting the post

Maybe you’re looking for -Duplicate Linked-.

  1. You could duplicate your original mesh with Alt+D. This will give you instances which are all edited by only one meshdata.


  1. If you have already all duplicates, select all duplicates in object mode and as the last one your original. Then press Ctrl+L and choose meshdata. Now all objects are using the meshdata of your original.

If you want to use different materials on these instances, you can assign the Material to the objectdata instead of the meshdata, by using the OB button in the -Links and Pipeline- Panel of the Material.