How to edit text

I got some files with a lot of text object for description

now I need to modify all these text objects


modify the curve resolution-U

but also modify the font bevel extrude

I can modify the extrude using this

also if possible change the text color
might need to add or replace existing material

all this in cycles mode

for ob in
 print ('ob =',, ' type =', ob.type)
 if ob.type == "FONT":
  tcu =
  print ( 'font name =', )
 #  Curve attributes
  tcu.extrude = 0.2     # in BU
  tcu.bevel_depth = 0.1    # in BU
  tcu.bevel_resolution = 0

but this won’t modify the curve resolution-U

can someone gives some code snippet to do that

happy bl