How to effect varying thicknesses in glass?

I’m trying to make a sort of vacuum tube and I’m wondering how you can make a glass material look as if it is thicker in places. You know on the top of vacuum tubes they have a sort of tear drop that is solid glass and it has a different IOR than the thin glass walls. I’m working on it now so I haven’t even attempted it yet. I figured I’d ask now and maybe by the time I run into trouble someone will have answered.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

I may have been worried about nothing. I used a standard glass material and the thickness modifier and that seems to be giving pretty good results. If I decide to add uneven thickness I can always apply the modifier and do that by hand. Boy Cycles sure does make a lot of things easier.

I don’t guess there is a way to add a weight paint to a mesh and have it effect the thickness modifier is there?

do you have a wip thread
would like to see what you get

happy bl

You can use vertex groups with a solidify modifier. This means you can weight paint the thickness. No need to fiddle with vertices by hand then.