How to enherit properties from another scene

Hi all,
i have set up a rendertotexture script for 2 different situations,the first one is a setup to show the main character s front camera(the characters face) and the second one is set up to show the enemy’s front camera,but what i wanted is to enherit a property from the HUD scene so when my character is near the enemy, it grabs the hud property and assign it to 1 so i would start seeing the enemys face and when its far from the enemy it would assign the property to 0 so it would be invisible,how can i achieve such a thing?
thanks in advance for any help!

Python. There might be a script floating around, but you probably would do well to begin learning it.

EDIT: The script would involve getting the scenes that you need with a function, getting the variables from objects in those scenes, and setting them in objects in your destination scenes. It’s not that difficult.

Yeah i know, i need to get my lazy ass off to work and start learning python,but when i always think about it i end up giving it up coz learning the basics kindof sucks tho,would u happen to know bout any python classes (tutorial)designed for games(BGE)? i dont want to start learning that from numbers and all that stuff u know,i just wanna go straight to to the point and just go through the basics very briefly!
any suggestion for me regarding that?
thanks in advance,

Okay, well, I have a set of Python tutorials available on my blog, Game Up!

I would recommend that you at least get the Python documentation and read through that short tutorial to see just the basics of Python programming (if you’re unfamiliar with programming in general). It might take you just around an hour or two to look through the important parts.

Hi Solar,
thanks for the suggestion and yeah im kind of familiar with programming ,i used to create websites in .asp so i think im heading straight to ur blog thanks again :smiley: