How to evenly distribute objects

I have a grid of Solar panels that I dropped onto my curved ground. I;d like to clean it up a bit and fix the spacing. I’m a perfectionist. :eyebrowlift2:

Is there a script or method to distribute location [and rotation!] in a row of objects? It would be great to have a panel similar to the one in Inkscape for aligning and distributing objects.

I’m using Blender 2.49svn and I’ve explored some of the script packages but none of those do what I need.


Hi secudandar

If I understood you correctly, you could use the DupiVerts function in the Objects Panel.
In order to do that you would use a plane, subdivide so that the plane has just the same number of vertices as you have solar panels.
Then you parent one solar panel to the plane, right click on your plane and press DupliVerts in the Objects Panel.
Now your solar panel should be distributed in the same way as your plane.

Good documentation w/screenshots can be found here:


edit… now I see that the tricky part is the curved surface, but still DupliVerts could help or the ArrayModifier:

the “Array Modifier” maybe?!

Thanks guys, but it would be much simpler to align and distribute what I have than to set it up for Duplis or Arrays. You’re right that either one could work for this solution but it would still be nice to have Align/distribute controls for objects that already exist… and it would not matter what the objects were. With Duplis and Arrays I would not be able to “mix it up”, i.e. it would only work for one object.

depends if you talking about constant distance between theses objects

cause if the soil level is going up and down it 's more difficult to evaluate

but if your talking about constant distance in one axis

then you can always use the drop to ground script to set your objects on the ground
but it won’t give equal distance once on the ground !

otherwise you ahve to set it up manually where you need to

hope it helps


You could always try SHIFT-S, snap to grid. Select all of them and press SHIFT-S.

No, that wont work in this case.

Dang eeyore why don’t you give up!:evilgrin:

There is also the auto snap function (the magnet)
then grab your object with the ctrl key pressed

but I have a feeling that - “this might not work either”

personally I would use the array modifier
and then “make real” the ones I wanted to “mix up”


I think with the curved surface I have, DupliVerts would be the way to go. I’ll have an update later today as I need to make a parking lot with charging stations. What I’ll do is create a mesh with the spacing I need and “drop” it onto the ground you see there. This will give me the curvature I need so things sit properly.

Now I need to find that script or modifier that will help me do this (drop the mesh). The texture of the parking lot I’ll project and position with an empty…

EDIT: Looks like I can use Retopo All in the Top view to get the new Dupli mesh onto the ground.