How to export a solid objects in stl file for 3d print

I had tried to export a contiguous mesh model into stl. file, however the object is just a series of connected faces with zero thickness and empty inside.
How can I make the stl. object solid using blender?

How did you export the file?
Did you get the scale correct?

When exporting to STL, unless you have changed your Blender Units value, you should set the scale to 1000, and select Scene Units. Also make sure you tick Selection Only so that only the item you select is exported.

Before exporting, make sure you have your scale and rotation applied on your model.
Make sure you have no duplicated verts (Merge by Distance - Previously remove doubles)

Also make sure you have no holes in your geometry, and that it is air tight.

When you export a file, unless you have specifically added thickness the slicer should treat objects as solid unless you tell it otherwise. Slicing for Resin often give you the option to hollow out models. Standard FDM printing should just see a solid object, and use the slicers own settings to determine thickness.

Here I use the default object as example
I export it as shown in the figure
I checked the scale and units value are correct

But when I open the stl file and have a section view on it
the middle of it is empty

I am not sure the slice will treat objects as solid when printing because I don’t have a 3D printer
I just sent my model to my friend and he told me I need to make the object solid

You might want to switch to a better print program as yours looks a bit lacking…for instance, I personally use Cura, and right out of the box I get a very nice print…and never thought about making my objects solid… It is automatic in Cura…where you set the wall thickness and then it calculates the interior grid to make it solid…or you set it to make the object hollow if you wish…it would in the case of the box create a honeycomb grid on the inside of your box and all you have to do is set the grid spacing and print thickness…

You’re right - but for this slicer, that’s just how it works. Chitubox is for Resin printing.

by default, it will appear hollow

But as soon as you slice it - it will turn solid, like so:

Alternatively, you can use the hollow feature in Chitubox, to hollow it out with thickness.

If I open the cube in a more standard slicer - for FDM printing - then it sees it as solid straight away, and then your print and infill settings determines what fills the inner space.

I have done a lot of 3D printing with Blender, both Resin and FDM. So, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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That’s help! Thank you very much!