How to export material with multiple PBR textures as one texture with specular and roughness maps?

I have a landscape I created which uses multiple PBR Textures. And I’m talking multiple sets. Like multiple PBR Grass sets, multiple PBR Rock sets, they’re all faded in and out of each other with noise textures and color ramps, there are individual bump maps and it is all a gigantic set of textures and BSDF nodes added all together. Will this add-on help me get that final result of all the textures added together with the noise and the bumps and the roughness values? Let me know please, thank you so so much!

A note I made to myself: This will help when generating large scale environments like mountains, which I can do in Blender easily but do not want to go through re-scaling the geometry in UE4 since it also involves noise textures in Blender to dictate where certain PBR Textures go to.