How to export model with vertex colors?

Do you have any idea how to get models from Blender to 3dsMax with vertex colors? According to my effort, Blender export scripts doesnt handle vertex colors. :frowning:

Try OBJ format maybe?!

When I import obj or fbx model to max, there are no vertex colors. :frowning:
Do you have any idea?

Well, maybe the new “Collada” exporter?!

I’ve tried all Blender export scripts, but it seems, that no one handles vertex colors. Thats very poor. :no:

Blender’s DirectX definitely supports vertex colours. Whether 3DStudio Max supports vertex colour import remains to be seen.

Just tried Blender export of.3ds and it, again, does export vertex colours. I suggest your problem lies outside of Blender.

I just tried exporting simple vertex coloured monkey model to 3ds, x, fbx, obj. Then I imported it to Blender again, 3ds Max and Deep exporation but vertex colors doesn’t show. I tried it using Blender 2.46 and Apricot build too.

What am I doing wrong?
I’m gettin’ realy mad of this.

Anyway thanks for responses!

Why are you sure that vertex colors were exported?
Have you imported your model to any 3d app?
Does exporting this model for work you?
What version of Blender do you use?



monkey.blend (157 KB)

I exported my model as an X3D file type, using the 3D-print Toolbox add-on. I uploaded that X3D-file to the 3D print service and it had all the vertex colors.
I’m working on Blender 2.91.