How to expose the hue parameter in a shader for geometry nodes?

Hi folks,

Please take a look at the film below.

In it you can see i tweak hue parameter and it cycles through all the colors.

But how do i get to this parameter? In the next moment you see me hooking up a combine xyz, but that doesn’t do it.

Any ideas, i’m sure this is super simple shading 101 stuff! :smiling_face:

The thing is, i need to address the hue parameter from geometry nodes, so i need to expose it somehow!

Shader nodes do not communicate back to Geometry nodes. You’ll need to input the hue value to geonodes, output it as Attribute, then read the attribute from the shader

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I understand that, but my question is, how do I access the hue value?

In the exact order you’ve described (read a value used by shader in Geometry Nodes) - you can’t. But I fail to understand why you’d need that, since you can either use Driver to sync some value between Geometry Nodes and a shader, or do it as in my 1st post (first, write a geonode parameter into attribute, then access it through shader)
BTW, in your example, the shader processes a Vector input as RGB color model, not HSV. Try using Hue-Saturation node instead

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like this…


Amazing, thanks, it didn’t occur to me that I needed to (or could) address the hue parameter already in geo nodes!

Sorry, one question: i can’t find the “combine color” geometry node in Blender 3.2.2, any ideas?

Maybe only since 3.4 alpha, I use the daily builds…

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After browsing blender stack exchange, I found it’s possible (and quite simple) to create a combine HSV nodegroup from scratch with math nodes:




Great, thanks guys!

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