How to fill endpoints of a profile curve?

Can anyone help me to figure out how to fill in end points of a curve, with nice UV mapping?

Maybe selecting endpoints and, according to their direction, apply faces/filling someone, then UV map it?

Ideally, with a little bulge to the outside, to emulate live fence?

If you use a shape to make that hump, with an array modifier and a curve modifier, then you have the option of adding end caps… to your curve

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I don’t think the curve object itself has the options to do this directly.

Usually, people will use a different method to do what you are doing here. You could model a short section of the hedge, add an array modifier to repeat it and then use a curve modifier to make it follow the shape of the curve.

Yes, that’s what I was also thinking, but I also wanted to be a “big boy” and making everything procedurally, so I can change only one profile curve and everything follows.

I’ll try something else I currently have in mind, if that won’t work, I guess I’ll go for modeling those end caps manually like you pointed out.

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