How to fill space between curves?

Hi, folks. I’ve seen such addon:
And wonder now how would I do it without addons.

I’m not sure this is doable without the addon as you’re taking bezier curves and interpolating a mesh from them. As far as I am aware, there is not “native” equivalent.

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you could use spline instead which can be extruded !

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That would work for a single curve, but what about the 4-curve patch? One of the things I missed coming from LW was spline patching, before thi saddon, I couldn’t find anything natively that did this. Not that I am by any means an expert on Blenders features. :wink:

Possibly nurbs surfaces are the way to go, and then convert to mesh.

what 4 curve patch ?

there is a patch algo in the Looptool addon which is doing that for mesh
but could then be converted to nurbs I guess
but did not take time to do it !

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there was some addon for doing patch
but don’t remember the name !

but I think I did some addon like that for some curve of mesh
have to find it - long time ago

also you could use this may be

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In the addon demo, he used 4 curves to create a patch, not too dissimilar to spline patching in LW, though still limited as in LW, you could join curves with ‘hard corners’ and have splines coming from part of the curve, rather than needing separate curves. One of the few things I miss from LW. In the image, the long curves are one curve, with the others coming of various points, making patch based modelling simple.

You could achieve a very similar effect with subsurf and proportional editing…

These were build from plan views, so yeah, it would be similar, but you wouldn’t get the accuracy, especially where panels line up. I tend to take the splines in LW, convert to 2-pt polys (edges) then export and use these to build patch panels, not ideal.

Thanks for clarifications, people.