how to fill the holes and avoid overlaps in sculpt mode?

If I start from a mesh like this,

how do I fix the mesh and make it like this using only the sculpt mode?

As they fill the holes without creating overlaps?

The first image is already a failed attempt to fill those holes
I can not create “bridges” with no overlap

I don’t think you can do it in sculpting but you could model it on the base mesh and them sculpt the details in.
Or you could delete the overlapping parts and a bit more and them merge vertices one by one.
Have you seen or done this in another sculpting tool if so do look up the name of it and put and “how to do (the name of it) in blender” on google as that what help me to move over to blender

As far as I know, only 3D Coat has tools like that, Zbrush uses Dynamesh, which is basically some kind of boolean and remesh combined.

In Blender, you could use also booleans, or model a simple base mesh without the holes and then sculpt on it, as @c4chaos said.
The BoolTool is a pretty cool addon that makes working with booleans much easier, you should take a look at it.

ok tnx I resolved with addon sculpt tool

]( with the tools sculpt I can get from A to B
Tomorrow I hope to have even merge tool to get from A to C :slight_smile: