How to find camera?

i dont know where is camera. I want to add scene and animate my character but i need camera. also i dont know how to export image. Help.

Hi, camera is part of the default scene. If it is no camera in a scene add one with Shift+A or use the Add menu.
To select the camera use Select menu, then use , on the number pad.
May you watch some beginner tutorials to get started with the Blender interface.

By the way this is the wrong forum section, use support section for these kind of questions, please.
Happy blending.

Cheers, mib

Thank u :heart_eyes:

Do u know where is support section? is there any forum with unlimited topics?

On the main page is an overview you can choose wich part of the forum you want to read/write. I would post this question in

Cheers, mib