How to finish off edge loops?

Hi there,
I am following a low poly game character tutorial and I am up to modeling the hands. In the tut, the guy modeled the arm and hand separately because the seam between them would be covered by an armband/bracelet. But my character isn’t going to have an armband to cover the seam, so I’d just like to join them together.
So I followed the tut and made them separately but now I need to close off some of the edge loops so I can join the hand to the wrist. But I’m not really sure how, so this is where you guys come in :slight_smile:
I don’t want to add any extra edgeloops to the arm, so I just want some advice on how to close off the ones I currently have, preferably staying in all Quads.


Here are some pics.
If possible please do a paintover to show me where to join! :slight_smile:


Just add another edgeloop to the hand and let it end inside the sleeve.
The only thing you have to be careful then is when weighting the mesh, that the end of the arm doesn’t pierce out of the sleeve.

Alternatively you could start to combine edgeloops from the hands like so:

Perfect!! This is exactly what is was looking for! Thank you so much :smiley:

If you look closely this is exactly how the thumb is attached to the hand.
One of the basic methods for modelling… better brush up on techniques :wink:

I’m still learning ^.^

Wow, really great info in those links. Thanks a bunch!