How to fix a Bad mesh in a cylinder/disk-like geo

So, I have this cylinder-based mesh.

But I accidently move the vertices around like below(in the red circle). Is there any way I can fix it without redoing the whole mesh?

I would try this:

activate the addon LoopTools.
in editmode use either edge select mode or vertex select mode (since you are in face select mode atm)
then select the inner edge loop
right click and choose LoopTools and use the option flatten. (you could also choose LoopTools from the side bar on the right, press n if it is not showing)
then repeat this with the outer edge loop

hope this will work for you,

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Originally I delete the ruined mesh part, extrude the unbroken loop to replace the bad loop then “bridge edge loops” (shift+B) to connect the new loop with old one. It works, but it means that you should somehow redo the mesh, even just parts of it.

But this tool do save a lot of time! great add-on! thanks a lot!
small correction: the flatten option doesn’t work, the “circle” option does.

To be honest, for that one, I’d of just oriented the view to one of the good polys, set the orientation mode to view and scaled accordingly. EDIT: That’s asusming the object is "off-zxis to global of course, otherwise, it’s easier.
Quick video:

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Thanks colkai! I’ve tried it.
But actually the mess-up doesn’t happen only along Z axis but also at the X-Y plane, so I can only fix a part of the problem by this mean.