How to fix this problem on UV maping

This is so weird, I have never seen this problem before. There are a lot of lines linking with verticles on my UV map on Substance painter.
Any suggestion for fixing this.

I assume you used blender to make the model and tried to paint it in SP…
Anyway: If this is the result from SP… well then you are on the wrong forum to ask. But maybe you are lucky and even get an answer here.
(Does SP have any settings for “overpainting UV borders” to some degree then maybe playing with the settings help?)

yea thanks for answering, I modeled it from a blender, and I thought it is a UV map problem on the blender. That’s why I post this here.

Okay maybe not enough “space” between the UV islands (margin).

yes, I tried this, it’s not working.

Screenshot 2021-12-12 005639
if I apply a texture it will show this, same at the blender.