How to fix this problem? (welding two meshes / imported mesh from Sketchup)

I have this problem a long time ago and I don’t find a real solution for it:

in this picture I have:

  1. mesh that is a simple two boxes that aligned togethers. there is only two vertices that can be weld. the problem is to find the intersections between the two meshes so it can be welded by “remove doubles”.
  2. the two meshes from (1) after “remove doubles” and “limited dissolve” them. it simple don’t work.
  3. this is the two meshes from (1) that I weld “by hand”.
  4. the mesh from (3) after “limited dissolve”, nice and clean mesh.

the problem is that I have a mesh with a lot of this (imported from Sketchup) that is a real mess to start to clean… :eek:

there is a addon/easy way to clean it or to find the inner intersection on the same mesh? :o
I can separate this mesh with Pkey and choose “by loose parts” and then find the intersection between all the parts… but I need a better way to to all this work.

this is the example file I’m using to try to find the way…:

Select all outer faces, change to vertex mode, remove doubles, invert selection, delete vertices. Add solidify-modifier.

it’s is only example for the problem.
this is another, more complex example, and your method didn’t worked here.
Alert: this is terrible mesh…

the problem as I said, is to fix this mesh with less manual work AND to preserve the materials on their places.

That same horrible topology overlapping faces is familiar with all cad softwares when exported. Their own renders can handle those well but maybe other renders not. Blender boolean fails with 2 faces planar. You can use better booleans like Netfabb cloud but you will loose all materials.

yeah…I will say only this, after few attempts of importing Sketchup meshes into Blender… OMG. The horror… :slight_smile:

With all do respect to Sketchup, of course…

There is an interesting free addon in SketchUp, to remove all inner faces.
Great before exporting.

where can I get it?

This thread looks unfinished. Anybody knows about this interesting addon for sketchup that helps clean imports to Blender ?

I migrated to Blender about 2 years ago, but I have a lot of sketchup models I’d like to re-work on Blender, and for now the imports have been terrible…

About the sketchup plugin
and, the link to download the ruby plugin.

I can’t download it. I only use the script they wrote on the forum and make some tests.
and it’s work!!!

just put it on this directory: “C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\ShippedExtensions”

the script:

how to use: select all, run the script from the Plugin menu, export to obj.
this is the setting on Export window:

Import the model to Blender -> Edit mode -> XKey -> Limited Dissolve
Perfect model!

Thanks @michalis!!!

yeah, you have to be a registered user in skechucation forum

here’s the ruby anyway

about exporting:
have you tried collada?
it exports (and imports in blender) ngons.

I tried that it was good and I just forgot it because of the default settings on Sketchup.
I have another problem that there is a lot of groups and separated objects on Sketchup that is snap to each other (this is what the customer give me…) so I need a global way to weld all of the objects that are make one object.
to be more clear on this, I got a building that each wall is a separated cube object…