How to fix water texture render?

Before rendering water was looking corretly, but after full render it subdivided in it’s original view and mirror-like. What should I do to fix this?
Cycles engine.

It’s really important, I need to finish it in next few hours for my university project.

Subivision has 2 settings one for render and one viewport render set them the same.

Mirror like? Depends on the shader, lighting angles, transparent bounces in render settings etc. It is difficult to tell without seeing the file.

I hope this will show all important settings

The first thing I notice is that your ior value in the glass shader is very high.

3.6 will be mirror like, try 1.5.
you can also mix your glass shader with a transparent shader (using a mix shader node) to control the overall transparency.

Thank you so much, you are a lifesaver. You rescued my entire existance.

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:rofl: you are welcome!