How to flatten a 3D object for a 2D CNC file

Have a 3D object that I want to fabricate out of metal. There are curves etc on all axes. How can I flatten it to convert into a 2D CNC file?

Thanx in advance:D

No useful info supplied on what you want to actually do so no idea if this is of any use.
Apply appropriate seams and UV unwrap or
You could try the Paper Model exporter

You would use the bas-relief addon:

I’ve had a lot of success fabricating real world objects by UV unwrapping as long as seams are made to produce strips of single faces only. Triangulate the strips for extra security, and once unwrapped check that there is no stretch using the N properties bar in the UV Image editor. Then export the UV layout as a .eps file, and scale the pieces to real world size. It’s not a NURBS based solution so I’m not sure about CNC application but it works in a simple unfold kind of way