How to get a blocking dialog/windows with python and Blender 2.58?

Hi! I’m making a script that, at some point, requires the user to select between two options to continue.
It’s a warning, and it’s very important that the user reads carefully and the then choose between “cancel” and “forward”.
I found no way to do this as I wanted. I mean, popups are available but they are very small and they disappear if the user moves the mouse. I need the window to stay there, well visible, blocking everything until the user either choose ‘forward’ or ‘cancel’.

I’m currently doing this in a very tricky way, by launching another Blender instance on a blend file with the game engine autostarting, a scripted button interface and a “dump” file to record the user input and retrieve it as the scripted blend returns. It’s difficult also to explain and it surely isn’t an elegant solution (even if it does its job).

Please, help! :slight_smile:

Attached, the monstrous window that I’m using at the moment :smiley: