how to get a gound/floor when using stop aninmation (non physics) ?.

I have some object-surfaces, and some of them are affected by various armatures while others dont have armature.
Because of some really complex movements of object (emulating an industrial environment).

I have to move product-object using stop animation, over these various-objects surfaces.
Most of the time i set their XY position, and sometimes their Z pos + rotation Rotation (at breef momement when there is no surface below it). .

Essentially what i got is a complex ground, spread over multiple objects, some grounds are animated.
I’m looking for a way that i can combine with stop animation so that objects moving over this ground take it as a ground surface and, just like in the real world when i drop something on the ground it stays there and if i tilt the ground it stays there but takes the surface (normal) rotation tild and local Z height, thus it follow surface normals even when dragging an object changing x/y.

Normally one would use physics for this i suppose
but it cannot be used here (as i need to be able to stop-animation the x,y positions.

Ahm, I don’t think I understood it correctly, but maybe you can use a parent constraint? You can check tutorials on how to grab objects with characters to understand how the constraint works.

I’ve seen others use a shrinkwrap modifier to keep objects on or above a surface plane (such as wheels on a vehicle). You need to set the modifier to Nearest Surface Vertex so that the object it’s on will stick to the surface of the target object.