How to get a gritty gel texture (Toothpaste)

Any pointers on how i can layer up a material node to get this effect of a translucent gel with opaque gritty bits inside?

TIA for your help


That’s simply a principled shader with a bit of height variation & a few particles inside.

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The toothpaste itself looks fairly simple - a basic blue glass shader with perhaps a little volumetric scatter or translucency should do the trick.

If you want a purely shader based solution for the particles, you could use a volume scatter/absorption material driven by a voronoi texture. Kinda like what I have done here - but smaller scale (the volumetric SSS material is on blendswap if you want to download it).

Alternatively, you could use a particle system to scatter randomly sized particles throughout your toothpaste gel mesh.


Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a go!

I did find this example but I’m having a hard time trying to make it translucent.

I’ll give your method a go and report back :+1: