How to get a smooth surface for 3D print

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I am quite new to blender and am still figuring out best ways to come to the endresult. This is definitely on of it. It is a model that could be a bit smoother and I am wondering if there is another way to start over or if I could fix it from here?

The blue pin is kind of the design and smoothness that I would like to reach. It will be 3D printed and one version would be small (2m in width), so I figured to get it smooth, the amount of subdivisions would have to be limited(now to many?)? I started with meshes of icospheres that I scaled and moved. By then I subdivided to sculpt to get the differences in height, but this caused a bit of unevenness in the surface (even with smooth tool of blender). Is there a way to fix this? Or go another way about it?

Looking forward to see if there are other ways to go about it or fix it!

Select your model, then go to the Modifier Properties tab, then Add Modifier and select Subdivision Surface. Then you can adjust the number of subdivisions. The more subdivisions (faces) your model has, the smoother it will be.

I was thinking about it, but would this not be a problem for 3D print? If you see the topology, it is already quite dense and the object will be 3D printed in 3 sizes (2cm width, 5cm width and about 10 cm width).

The topology density doesn’t really matter for 3D-Printing. Higher resolution is even better, because a 3D printer basically has an “infinite“ resolution inn the horinzizontal axis. You could also try going to edit mode, select everything, hit F3 and search for “Smooth Vertices“ to smooth the current vertices.

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How big is your print? I print minis and i found out that with the small prints there is not much resolution you actually need because the difference from certain level is unrecognizable.